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As a grantee of and consultant with the Brooklyn Arts Council, Eric will be presenting the international singers Salamat Ali and Azra Riaz from Pakistan. Eric has been awarded a grant to present other Brooklyn based singers and musicians as well. Stay tuned for performance dates and details.

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"One of the most creative and interesting composers on the scene today. I cant' wait to hear what he comes up with next." Brad Walseth

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"Eclectic music to spark your imagination " Jimmy Heath

"There's such a talent in there, keep your eyes out for this one" Armand DiMelle, WBAI Radio NYC

"Eric Alabaster has done his homework. Playing his music has opened a side of my playing that I did not know existed. He has captured an authenticity of eastern music that you can't reach from a text book. Listening to the rhythms, melodies, chord structures, and arrangements you can tell that he has lived this music. I am honored and humbled everytime I play Eric's music." Duane Eubanks

"A creative composer who combines world music and jazz and has come out with one of the most innovative records I have heard in sometime." Steve Caputo-Inside Connection Magazine